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Gentlemen - Express Yourself With Jewelry

June 04, 2017

Men’s jewelry used to be limited to watches, cuff-links and the occasional tie clip.  But times have changed for the better as men from all walks of life have begun to accessorize with jewelry. I was watching a benefit concert and noticed the prevalence of jewelry among the male stars.  Bracelets and necklaces were in abundance.  Most interestingly, the style of jewelry worn, provided a view into the man. 
Jewelry provides men with an opportunity to stand out and to channel personality, lifestyle and beliefs with style.  Beyond clothing, jewelry are one of the few ways that men can express themselves.  A businessman sporting a Buddha bead bracelet under the obligatory suit provides a glimpse into the man under the uniform.  Use jewelry to show the world who you really are.
Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann with stacking bracelet style
And that's the other great thing about men's jewelry.  It's a window into a man’s personality and therefore, the ultimate conversation starter.  Nobody comments on a man’s shirt, but a catchy bracelet or necklace is a great opener. 
Ryan Gosling wearing silver pendant necklace
When buying men’s jewelry, go with what makes you feel comfortable.  Like to keep things simple?  Then clean and sleek leather and small bead jewelry provide understated style to your look.  Got a big and bold personality?  Stand out in the crowd with big, chunky bead bracelets.  Spiritual?  Seek out wood and Bali-style designs.  Jewelry and style is about confidence and wearing what feels natural.
Men's wood bracelets provide a spiritual and natural look