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Bronzite 8mm Buddha Mala Bead Bracelet - Warrior Stone

  • MALA BRACELET - Striking mala bead bracelet with vintage Buddha bead.  
  • EMPOWERING MANTRA - Inhale confidence; Exhale doubt. 
  • WARRIOR STONE - Golden-brown, 8mm Bronzite stones with a nice heavyweight feeling when worn. Bronzite is a stone of grounding and is believed to promote confidence and action.
  • UNISEX - Ideal mens or womens bracelet.
  • BRACELET SIZE/DIAMETER (APPROX) - 18 cm / 7 inches - Strung on jewelry stretch cord - 'One size fits most'
Inhale confidence. Exhale doubt. That's the mantra of this striking mala bead bracelet. 

A protective warrior stone, Bronzite is associated with boosting self-confidence and infusing the spirit with the courage to follow through on actions. When it comes to life's biggest challenges, Bronzite gives you the courage and self-confidence to take the ups and downs of life in stride.Wear this bracelet and use its support to weather the storm.