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About Agarwood

Agarwood has been prized for centuries.  It has been mentioned in the Bible (under the name of Aloe or Aloeswood  - Numbers 24:6; Psalms 45:8, Proverbs 7:17, Song of Solomon 4:14, John 19:39) and was recently written in GQ and Fortune Magazines. 

At a glance, the Agar tree is an ordinary plant growing deep within the tropical forests of Asia.  But something special happens if the tree is infected by fungus - the tree creates a resin as a defense mechanism.  Over an extensive period of time (up to 100 years), the resin saturates the wood, resulting in a dark, beautiful heartwood with a divine fragrance. This is Agarwood.

The natural colors and grain of Agarwood result in a beautiful wood.  Colors can range from light browns to jet black.  The wood grain is often evident and varies significantly between pieces.  Each Agarwood piece is unique in appearance and personality.  

The fragrance of authentic Agarwood is matchless -  a complex, delicate, wood aroma.  This rare and subtle scent lingers and will penetrate your senses. 

Agarwood is prized for its spiritual energy and is used in meditation to bring inner-peace and calm.  Many believe Agarwood to be the positive energy of growth, expansion, new beginnings, nourishment and health.  It enhances vitality, brings abundance and keep us growing physically.  The natural, wood grain of Agarwood is soothing and warm to the touch.  The natural fragrance of  Agarwood creates a sense of calm and inner peace. Agarwood has been called 'The Scent of Nirvana'.  It is a reminder of spiritual intention.