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108 Bead White Sandalwood 8mm Knotted Mala Bracelet, Necklace - Prayer Beads, Yoga, Meditation

  • NATURAL SANDALWOOD - Warm, smooth White Sandalwood beads (8 mm size x 108 beads). Beautiful, tan and light-brown colors.
  • MALA BEADS - A gentle reminder of intention and mindfulness - signal the mind to stop and be aware of the present bliss. Or use as part of meditation practice and affirmations.
  • HAND KNOTTED - Marvelous attention to detail; hand knotted between each bead.
  • BRACELET, NECKLACE OR PRAYER BEADS - Wrap around the wrist as an eye-catching beaded bracelet. Wear as a necklace. Or carry as prayer beads.
  • UNISEX - Ideal for men or women.
  • MALA LENGTH - Hangs approximately 46 cm / 18 inches. One size fits all.

Beautiful mala made with white Sandalwood (8mm x 108 beads).  Splendid attention to detail. Hand knotted between each bead and finished with a dark-brown tassel.  Wrap around the wrist as a bracelet, wear as a necklace or carry as meditation beads.  Use as part of meditation, yoga, mantra or affirmations.