Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Bead Bracelet - Agarwood 16-Bead Spiritual Bracelet - Men

  • Traditional Mala/Prayer Bead Bracelet - Buddhist, Tibetan Style ideal for Men or Women
  • Vietnam Hoi An Golden Silk Agarwood -  12 mm x 16 beads - Spiritual and Healing wood
  • Exquisite Character - Natural resin and wood grain visible within each bead
  • Bracelet Size (Approx):  19 mm / 7 inches - One size fits most

This hand-crafted bracelet is made of  Vietnam Hoi An Golden Silk Agarwood (16 beads). The Agarwood beads are smooth with a light, natural wood color.  Resin and grain is highly visible within each bead adding character to this handsome bracelet.  This is a traditional, design that showcases the natural beauty of Agarwood.

Agarwood has been prized as a spiritual and healing wood for centuries.  This dark, beautiful heartwood represents enlightenment, clarity and grounding. Many believe Agarwood contains the positive life ('qi') energy of growth and good fortune. Wear Agarwood for its beauty and as a spiritual symbol of intention.