'Citrine' - 108-Bead Mala - Citrine, Rudraksha Seeds

This beautiful Mala is handcrafted by our artisan partners in India.   Malas have been used for centuries in India and beyond as a tool in meditation and mantra practice.  This piece is hand-strung using traditional Rudraksha Seeds and Citrine.  The Mala is designed for beauty and the symbolic properties of the stones:  

  • Citrine - Manifestation and willpower.
  • Rudraksha Seeds - The name 'Rudraksha', comes from ancient Hindu mythology meaning “the eyes of Shiva”. It is believed that Shiva, who is known as the patron for all Gods, meditated on the welfare of mankind and emerged crying tears of compassion. It was these tears that upon landing on the earth crystallized to form the Rudraksha trees.

A soft, silk tassel matching the bright color of Citrine completes this exquisite Mala.

  • Stone/Bead Sizes: 3 mm to 4 mm
  • Mala Size/Diameter (Approx): 44 cm / 17 inches