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Jasper (8mm) Mala Bead Bracelet with Buddha Charm - Yoga Bracelet - Earth Stone

- MALA BRACELET - Strength, courage and wisdom - That's the mantra of this meditation mala bracelet. Wear as a daily reminder of intention.
- EARTH STONE - Like a beautifully painted landscape, Jasper showcases the endless colors and shades of the earth. 8mm Jasper stones and vintage Buddha head charm. Jasper is believed to give your body and spirit new life and a sense of purpose.
- UNISEX - Easy to wear mens or womens bracelet.
- BRACELET SIZE/DIAMETER (APPROX) - 18 cm / 7 inches - Strung on jewelry stretch cord - 'One size fits most'

The beauty of Jasper stone is that of Nature itself - golden sunshine, a nighttime sky, poppy fields or a deep green forest, desert sands, the undulating ocean, red rock canyons, sweeping mountains. With colors ranging from dusty browns to stark grays, Jasper echoes the brilliant and miraculous colors of life on the planet,

Known as the “Supreme Nurturer,” Jasper resonates with the earth and is believed to be a stone of grounding and stability, providing comfort and security, strength and healing.

Next time you walk barefoot in the soil, remember that you are literally on top of the world. The source of minerals in organic substances, the dirt itself provides sustenance to all living things and serves as the basis for everything that lives. In other words, the earth is more than just dirt and sand. It is life itself. The colors of Jasper reflect this intrinsic wisdom of nature and its ability to evolve and adapt over millions of years.