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Mini Jasper Gemstone 4mm Bead Energy Bracelet

- MINI NATURAL GEMSTONES - Tiny, delicate, eye-catching, 4mm Jasper gemstones with sterling silver focal bead. Hues of blue, green and a matrix web of rich black and brown. The perfect accessory to bring positive energy and intention to your life.
- EARTH STONE - Echoing the brilliant and miraculous colors of life on the planet, Jasper stone is linked with the positive energies that anchor us to the earth. Jasper is a stone of grounding and stability, providing comfort and security, strength and healing. Its presence balances our aura to a level of wholeness and peace.
- MINDFULNESS - Next time you walk barefoot in the soil, remember that you are literally on top of the world. The source of minerals in organic substances, the dirt itself provides sustenance to all living things and serves as the basis for everything that lives. In other words, the earth is more than just dirt and sand. It is life itself. The colors of Jasper reflect this intrinsic wisdom of nature and its ability to evolve and adapt over millions of years.
- HANDCRAFTED QUALITY - Hand-knotted with jewelry-quality stretch cord.
- SIZE/DIAMETER (APPROX) - Fits wrist sizes up to 6 inches.

Mini 4 mm gemstone beads hand strung on jewelry stretch cord. An easy-to-wear style to bring positive energy and intention into your life.  Have fun with our mini gemstone bracelets - mix and match for energy, gemstone and colors!