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Mini Obsidian Gemstone 4mm Energy Bracelet

- MINI NATURAL GEMSTONES - Tiny, delicate, beautiful 4mm glossy-black Obsidian gemstones with a sterling silver focal bead.
- STONE OF SELF REFLECTION - Obsidian is for those who dare to see. Whether seeing the past or the future. Or seeing one’s own inner demons and darkest truths. Obsidian is no ordinary stone - it is nature’s glass formed from volcanic lava and hardened so quickly it forms no crystalline structure. Its dark, glossy surface is polished into a 'mirror stone' for those prepared to look deep into their inner being to reveal one’s flaws, weaknesses and fears.
- INTENTION - Learn about yourself. Figure out what inspires you. Identify your dreams and beliefs. Knowing yourself is wisdom.
- HANDCRAFTED QUALITY - Hand-strung with jewelry-quality stretch cord.
- SIZE/DIAMETER - Fits wrist sizes up to 6 inches.

Mini 4 mm gemstone beads hand strung on jewelry stretch cord. An easy-to-wear style to bring positive energy and intention into your life.  Have fun with our mini gemstone bracelets - mix and match for energy, gemstone and colors!