Tridacna (12mm) and Agarwood (8mm) Mala Bead Bracelet - Yoga Beads - Buddha Meditation Beads

  • MALA BEADS - Our modern take on the mala bracelet inspired by the Lotus flower.
  • NATURAL AGARWOOD - Warm, natural Indonesia Kalimantan Agarwood beads (8mm x 15 beads). Smooth and warm with a dark, rich color.
  • SPIRITUAL MALA BEADS - Agarwood has been prized for centuries as a spiritual wood. Many believe Agarwood contains the positive life energy (Qi) of growth, expansion, new beginnings, nourishment and health. Agarwood bracelets and necklaces are worn to manifest positive energy and good fortune.
  • BRILLIANT WHITE-LUSTER TRIDACNA STONE -  Fabulous Tridacna (12mm x 3 stones) with shades of bronze and brown throughout. Tridacna is one of the most important spiritual stones in Buddhism. It is known as one of the "Seven Treasures of Buddhism of the Lotus Sutra" and is worn as a protection stone.
  • SIZE/DIAMETER (APPROX) - 16 cm / 6 inches - Hand-strung with jewelry stretch cord.
  • HANDCRAFTED - Designed and handmade by our team of artisans.

The lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest and thickest mud. The journey may be hard at the beginning but beautiful in the end. Inspired by the Lotus flower, wear this handcrafted bracelet as a reminder to live with a courageous heart and daring spirit

This hand-crafted mala bead bracelet is comprised of Tridacna Stone (12mm x 3 beads) and natural Indonesia Kalimantan Agarwood (8mm x 15 beads). The Agarwood beads are smooth and warm with a dark, rich color. The Tridacna Stones symbolize the white Lotus flower and provide a splendid contrast to the natural grain of the Agarwood

Tridacna is a glossy, white-luster stone. Oftentimes, Tridacna will contain shadings of brown and bronze adding unique character to each stone. Tridacna is an important spiritual stone and is recognized as one of the "Seven Treasures of the Lotus Sutra".

Agarwood has been prized as a spiritual and healing wood for centuries. This dark, beautiful heartwood represents enlightenment, clarity and grounding. Many believe Agarwood contains the positive life ('qi') energy of growth and good fortune. Wear Agarwood for its beauty and as a spiritual symbol of intention.