Sterling Silver Necklace with 'Chinese Knot' Pendant and Agarwood Beads

  • Sterling Silver chain and 'Chinese Knot' pendant - Symbol of happiness, prosperity and love
  • Unique pendant - Can be opened to carry small keepsakes - 2 Agarwood beads (9 mm) included
  • Necklace Size (Approx): 42 cm /  17 inches
  • Pendant (Chinese Knot) Size (Diameter): 25 mm 

Chinese knots have been a traditional art form since the Tang and Song dynasty (960 AD) in China.  Chinese knots symbolize ‘good wishes’ and represent happiness, prosperity, love and the absence of evil.

This exquisite necklace combines the symbolic 'good fortune' of the Chinese Knot and the spiritual energy of Agarwood.  The unique 'Chinese Knot' pendant is hinged and can be opened to carry small personal keepsakes.  Two Indonesia Kalimantan Agarwood beads are included. 

Agarwood (also called Aloeswood or Oud) is a special wood that is prized for its beauty and natural fragrance.  Agarwood is naturally formed within the forests of Southeast Asia when the Agar tree develops resins as a natural defence against infection. Over an extensive period of time (up to 100 years), the resin saturates the wood, resulting in a dark, beautiful heartwood with a divine fragrance. Agarwood is also known as a spiritual and healing wood. Many believe Agarwood contains the positive life energy (Qi) of growth, expansion, new beginnings, nourishment and health. Agarwood bracelets and necklaces are carried or worn to manifest positive energy and good fortune. 

  • Agarwood Type:  Indonesia Kalimantan Agarwood (印尼加里曼丹沉)